With our 30 years of experience in the Baby Furniture Sector and our production quality, we have the signature of the World Brand Pierre Cardin.

Our company, which has export license to 30 countries, is proud to represent our country successfully in the international market.

Our facility, which manufactures in a production area of 35.000 m2 with 550 personnel, serves on baby-young furniture, which is our area of expertise, in closed area of 8.000 m2 and with 75 employees.

Mission - Vision

Our entire collection, designed considering the health and comfort of our most valuable ones, is produced in accordance with the standards. Our environmentally sensitive production structure realized by our distinguished team using high technology, has the superior quality and particular artistic lines of the Pierre Cardin brand.

We are aware of the place and importance of Baby Furniture in the healthy and safe development of the baby and the sensitivity of families on this issue.

All our staff, from R&D and Design units to Quality Control and Delivery units, provide services without compromising our corporate quality level. They work with team spirit to add a new link to our product chain with original designs and to ensure customer satisfaction, they contribute to our new investments that include modern technology with their experience and ideas.

We closely follow the expectations, requests and orientations of our domestic and foreign customers. Producing the series that will have the tastes of all of them and that they use their preferences on, by increasing the product variety is the energy source of our busy working life.

Onların sağlığına verdiğimiz önem, kendi göz bebeklerimize gösterdiğimiz önem ve özenden farklı değildir.

Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin Bebek Çocuk Genç Mobilyası

Ürünlerimiz Kurşun ve Hiçbir Ağır Metal İçermez. Toksik Emisyonları Mevcut Değildir.

Pierre Cardin Bebek Çocuk Genç Mobilyası

Tüm Ürünlerimiz 2 Yıl Üretici Firma Garantisindedir.

Pierre Cardin Bebek Çocuk Genç Mobilyası

Ürünlerimizde Sessiz, Yumuşak Kapanan Kapak ve Çekmece Sistemleri Tercih Edilmiştir.

Pierre Cardin Bebek Çocuk Genç Mobilyası

Ürünlerimiz Kullanılan Malzemeler AB Normlarına Uygun E1 ve TÜF Sertifikalıdır.

Pierre Cardin Bebek Çocuk Genç Mobilyası

Ürünlerimiz Antibakteriyel, Antikanserojen Hammadelerden Üretilmiştir.

Pierre Cardin Bebek Çocuk Genç Mobilyası

Satın Aldığınız Ürünlerin Nakliye ve Kurulumu Ücretisiz Olarak Sağlanmaktadır.